1. How often does Treehouse clean the whole facility?
Once every two months we clean the carpet, the whole structure and equipment.
2. Why can’t we bring outside food and drinks?
Treehouse cannot accept any liability for any food or drinks brought in from outside. Some children have allergies and they might grab it from the table or floor and put it in their mouth, it can cause a problem and it could be very dangerous. This is all for your children’s safety we hope you understand.
3. Are we allowed to take videos and pictures?
As long as it’s your children and your party guests, yes you can. If not, we kindly ask you to refrain from taking any pictures or videos within the facility.
4. What is your maximum capacity?
We can hold 175 people including children and parents. In some cases when we have a birthday party and don’t know how many parents are coming in we do our best to count and call out for maximum. If maximum is called we have started a waiting list.
5. How do we book a birthday party, Christmas party,
 private party or a field trip?
The best way to do is by calling treehouse at 403-277-3378, email us at treehouse_calgary@hotmail.com or you can book online on our website.
6. Why do we all need to wear socks?
For health and sanitary reasons we require all customers to wear socks in the facility. Wearing socks at all times can prevent germs from being spread around.
7. Is Treehouse responsible for supervising our children,
 or any injuries that may occur in the facility?
No, we are not responsible for supervising your children. If they are running around in our facility they will be asked to slow down for their own safety and for safety of the toddlers.
Any children and adults play on our equipment at their own risk.
8. Can we bring our own children’s toys into Treehouse?
Yes you can bring in your own toys as long as they’re safe, no sharp and dangerous objects, and no small toys that can cause a choking hazard.
9. Does Treehouse have a cafeteria?
Yes, we have a cafeteria you can use! We have homemade cookies, pastries, sandwiches, wraps, veggies, and fruit. Also we have fast food such as pizza, hot dogs, nachos, taquitos, and corndogs.
10. Do you offer any classes to children?
Yes, we offer free arts and crafts classes every Tuesday and Thursday. We are also working on a variety of different classes! We will update as soon as possible.
11. Can we bring strollers or wheel chairs into the facility?
We offer strollers to the public in exchange for a piece of I.D, you may bring in your car seat if we have a shortage of strollers. With wheel chairs we understand that they are a necessity and we can help you sanitize them when you enter the facility.
12. What kind of discounts does Treehouse offer on party
We offer a 20% discount on party packages from Monday-Thursday. There is no discount offered for party packages from Friday-Sunday.
13. Is there a discount offered on admission for special
 needs children?
Yes, admission price for special needs children is $5.95.
14. Is there a discount for military families?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on admission prices for any military families that present their I.D.
15. Can I purchase gift cards?
Yes, but only at our Treehouse store.
16. Does Treehouse sell any admissions coupons?
Yes, we have two different coupons. Blue coupons for 1-3yrs. and Purple coupons for ages 4-13yrs.